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Regaining Outdoor Mobility

The outdoors are more accessible in a Buddy Buggy UTV than you may think . Over time limited mobility can change your life. It can turn an outdoor enthusiast into a homebody, robbing many of joy and causing us to forget what is was like to move freely outdoors.

Buddy Buggy wants to change that. Check out these amazing features and let us know if you would feel prepared in a Buddy Buggy UTV.


Wheelchair Lift

The Buddy Buggy UTV is not a conversion but an entirely new vehicle manufactured with a built-in wheelchair lift that you can be operate by pressing a button.

Starting at 10 grand, the Buzz Buggy can get you where you want to go for much less than a full conversion. If you've been waiting for something to motivate you outdoors checkout the Buzz Buggy. Click here to order

Docking System

Wheelchair users may already be familiar with our docking system. Simply dock the provided wheelchair into the UTV or slide into a stationary chair to begin your adventure.

Joystick Operation

The Buddy Buggy steering system features a joystick you can attach onto your wheelchair to navigate the UTV. A standard steering wheel is also included.

Electric Vehicle

The Buddy Buggy UTVs are all electric and can be charged inside your garage, shop or shed. The Buzz Buggy features 200 amp hours of power. It's so quiet you'll be able to hear the stars twinkle.


The Buddy Buggy UTVs are jam packed with accessibility features I call it the most accessible friendly outdoor vehicle. What about you, do you think the Buddy Buggy has all the accessibility features you need? Or do you feel something is missing. Let us know on Facebook.


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