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Buzz Buggy UTV

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Whether you use a wheelchair or other mobility aid - The Buzz Buggy solves the pain of being unable to go Off-Road. ​Designed with a wheelchair-lift to enable you on an outdoor adventure regardless of walking disability. Order yours today!


Buddy Buggy introduced the first off-road vehicle with a built-in wheelchair-lift for up to 4 people to adventure. Can we deliver the same freedom and form factor featured in the Buddy Buggy but in a smaller version for more people?

Rolling Chassis

The foundation for Off-Road capabilities  began with a rolling chassis. 4 wheels and some steel.

Buzz Buggy Chasis.jpg


The Buzz Buggy's eight (8) 6v-batteries located in the battery bay deliver high torque on demand.  

Two (2) 12-V batteries power the headlights, wheelchair lift, docking system and accessories.

The wheelchair-lift can also be operated manually. 


Wheel Assembly

Buzz Buggy has what it takes to get through rough terrain or over sand dunes. 

Regenerative braking charges on the go!

Ride smoothly over hills in your wheelchair or stationary seat.

All the Buzz Buggy's internal components all compliment a person in a wheelchair or other mobility device.

The only things left are the interior components, LED Bar and motor. 

New orders can take up to 90 days to manufacture. Final modifications are made upon delivery to each persons requirements.



​Each Buzz Buggy is customized for each user. Once you have filled out and submitted your order a Buddy Buggy representative will contact you. Substantial deposit required.

You will be working with one representative throughout the entire custom build of your Buzz Buggy. You will receive email messages at different stages of completion. We believe in customer satisfaction.  Your Buzz Buggy could take up to 90 days to be built, with delivery of the unit within 1-2 weeks following the completion of the build.

Your Buddy Buggy representative will work with you to determine delivery options. Buddy Buggy Co. can either deliver the Buzz Buggy to your residence (with an additional delivery charge) or you can come to our location to pick it up with your trailer. 




​Even though prices for parts or assembly of the Buddy Buggy may change during the build of your buggy your price is locked in once we have approved your order.


bz blue camo.png
  • ​​Engineered and Assembled in the Great United States of America

  • Docking system for provided wheelchair

  • 8ft.  long by 85 in tall by 70 in wide

  • Two wheel drive with locking differential

  • Custom steering wheel

  • Disc brakes

  • Joystick

  • Power steering assist 

  • Wheelchair with all terrain tires

  • 1.5 inch Chassis Steel Tube construction

  • Includes standard head lights, tail lights, and cargo lights

  • All Terrain Off Road Tires (LT 30/9.50 R/15 Rim)

  • 8-6v Lead Acid Batteries (Lithium Upgrade extra)

  • Single Semi-Permanent Seat available for non-wheelchair users

  • Rear lift*

  • *As part of our cost-effective approach, used wheelchair lifts are installed in each Buzz Buggy reducing your sticker cost by thousands! Lifts are rigorously tested with a 100 lift-count-cycle performed and inspected before final use in the Buzz Buggy UTV. 

About Us

Here at Buddy Buggy Co. we are dedicated to giving rugged power back to wheelchair users. After seeing first-hand the challenges of getting in and out of a vehicle with a wheelchair, we asked: "What if we were able to make an off-road machine that accepts a wheelchair?" One thing led to another, and the Buddy Buggy started to take shape.

With the Buddy Buggy, you don't have to worry about getting in and out of your wheelchair: just hit the button from your keychain or Buddy Buggy dashboard and the lift system will fold down, allowing you to get in and out of the machine. Once in, you will be locked down to the machine with a docking system that attaches to our wheelchair. With  left or right-hand gear control to shift between low gear and high gear, explore the outdoors like never before.

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